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This website houses a collection of photos and local history which mostly relates to the Finn Valley area. We all love to view old photos and history reminds us of the many people and events in the past.

St Mary's

St Mary’s

We learn about the great poets like Byron, Shelly, Keats and our very own Thomas Moore. We read about the many wars which were fought over many generations around the world and the many lives which were lost on the battlefields. There were many famines like ‘The Great Hunger’ and mass emigration in the nineteenth century. We learn about the many diseases like smallpox, cholera and typhus, which took many lives over many centuries. There were many discoveries and changes brought about with the coming of the railroads and industrialisation in the eighteen hundreds.


Many of our own forefathers from the Finn Valley area lived through these times and perhaps you have a story to add to ‘The History Trail’