The Irish Black and Tans

(Air The Rising of the Moon)


Hurra! Hurra! For freedom boys the victory is won
And now we’ll reap the harvest like bold eagles in the sun
We’ll rob and steal and plunder and we’ll stick to all we can
For we’re the boys can play the game we’re the Irish Black and Tans

We’ve got the gold of England boys and we’ve got her mighty guns
We’ve got her tank and aeroplanes and we’ve got old Englands sons
We’ll round up the republicans and we’ll shoot them everyone
And we’ll rule the land as Cromwell ruled we’re The Irish Black and Tans

We’ve got Wellington Mulcahy and great Bounaparte Mac Keon
With Joe Sweeny and Mac Goldrick and Mac Lug from Innishown
We have mighty Johnny Houston though he would not face Lehane
But he’d flog the boys of Glenties with his roaring Black and Tans

So hurrah! For mighty England boys long may she rule the wave
And long may she send the dollars while we rule the Irish Slaves
We have now the clergy at our back with the Bishops to a man
And the Pope has sent his blessing to the Irish Black and Tans

Now fill your guts with whiskey boys and shout for libertie
For we’ll raise blue hell with shot and shell from the centre to the sea
We’ll fill the jails and graveyards and we’ll torture maid and man
And we’ll live in Irelands history as the foulmouthed Black and Tans.
Mac Fhionnlaith