To yonder blue and boundless dome,

That bend’s o’er river, hill and home,

Wherein the sun his circuit makes,

Where the mild moon by night awaits,

When morning breaks, when evening falls,

From whence the mighty thunder calls.

Where rainbows rise, where clouds are piled

Above man’s reach—Look up my child.


That sky was all as brightly blue

When Adam gazed, and Ede grew,

Though centuries since then have rolled,

It has not altered, or grown old,

But speaks to every heart and eye

Of him who built its arch so high,

And spread it forth, o’er wave and wild,

To tell his praise—Look up my child.


This earth, though it be fair to see,

With hill and valley, stream and tree,

Hath change without—hath graves within,

And many a trace of tears and sin.

Then lift thine eyes, and lift thy heart,

And seek beyond the skies thy part,

Where stands that city undefiled

Through life and death—Look up my child.